Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2014-2015 Warrens Cranberry Festival Royalty - April Update - 2015

Greetings and Happy Spring!  We are super excited to share the latest events we have taken part in since our last update.

On March 29 - Queen Olivia and Princess Brielle attended the Viroqua Wild West Royalty Coronation.  We talked with both the outgoing royalty and the new incoming royalty.  They had the Wild West Marshals who were dressed as old western cowboys, which was really cool.  The outgoing royalty gave a presentation about their year and all their activities.  They told both funny and sad stories about their favorite memories.  After the six new royalty were crowned we took pictures with them and congratulated them too.  It was a fun event and we had a bunch of fun and can't wait to get to know them better at our upcoming events.

On April 5 - we all attended the Warrens Area Community Easter Breakfast. We served ice cream to all the little kids that came and when we finished, we had a delicious pancake breakfast and got our picture taken with the Easter Bunny too!  It was a fun day and had a great time seeing all the little kids.

We hope you enjoyed our monthly update and invite you check back again next month to see what we have been up to.

Yours Truly,

2014-2015 Warrens Cranberry Festival Royalty
Queen-Olivia Engel and Princesses-Tatianna Briggs and Brielle Lueck

Here is a sneak peek of what lies ahead on our schedule:  Sparta Festmasters Banquet, WCDC Make, Bake and Take Class, Princess for a Day, Alice in Dairyland Coronation, Westby Syttende Mai Parade, Arcadia Broiler Days Parade, and Memorial Day Services at both the Warren Mills and Pine Grove Cemeteries.

Queen Olivia and Princess Brielle with the Viroqua Wild West Days Royalty at the
Wild West Days Coronation - March 2015

Queen Olivia and Princesses Tatianna and Brielle with the Easter Bunny at the
Warrens Area Community Easter Breakfast - April 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Warrens Cranberry Festival Royalty Update - March 2015

Royal Greetings and Happy March!

We are excited to share with all of you our latest event that we had the opportunity to attend since our last update.

On February 11, 2015, we all attended the Veterans Valentine's Day Celebration at the VA in Tomah.  We had the opportunity to spend time with some of the Veterans and serve them cake too!  It was a huge heart shaped cake with a cute tree with little love birds sitting on the branches.  After we finished serving the cake we went to the art show.  Every Veteran has the chance to enter this show and we got to vote for our favorite one.  That was hard to do because there were so many amazing pieces of art work to choose from.  We had a great time and had tons of fun!

We hope you enjoy reading our updates each month and invite you to come back for next month's update.

Here is what's ahead on our schedule:  Warrens Community Easter Breakfast and Memorial Day Services (Warrens Mills and Pine Grove Cemeteries)

Your's Truly,

2014-2015 Warrens Cranberry Festival RoyaltyQueen-Olivia Engel and Princesses-Tatianna Briggs and Brielle Lueck

Princess-Brielle, Queen-Olivia and Princess-Tatianna at the Veterans Valentine's Day Celebration, Tomah VA

Friday, February 6, 2015

2014-2015 Warrens Cranberry Festival Royalty - February Update

Happy February and Royal Greetings!  

We are super excited to share the latest events we've had the opportunity to take part in since our last update.

On January 21,  we all attended the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association - Winter Meeting.  It was a fun event.  We learned a lot about cranberry growing and all the tools they use to make their jobs easier.  We visited with vendors and had our picture taken many times!  There was one booth that had a mini bee hive with live bees flying around inside and honey too!  There was another booth that had drones that cranberry growers can use to check on their crops.  The booths and displays were amazing and it was so cool to see all the different types of products that can be used on a marsh.  We ate a delicious lunch with amazing dessert choices and then we spoke to the group.  We told them what events we've been too since being crowned at coronation night in September, what is ahead on our schedule in the months to come and how we competed and won the title of this year's Warrens Cranberry Festival Royalty.  We had so much fun and learned a lot more about the cranberry growing process.  Oh and we also got to wear our new business outfits to the event, which was super fun too!

On January 31, Princesses Tatianna and Brielle went to the Westby Ski Jump.  We had a fun time and were able to meet the Westby Snowflake Royalty and about six other groups of visiting royalty too.  There were ski jumpers from Finland, Slovenia, Poland and the U.S.A. Some of the jumpers were only 13 years old!  The farthest we saw anyone jump was 123 was amazing.  We climbed all the way to the top of the jump/launching area and also had our picture taken with some of the jumpers too.  We had so much fun we are already planning our return trip next year.

Thanks for tuning in to this month's update.  Below is a sneak peak at what lies ahead for us in the coming months.  We'll be back again in March with another update.

Yours Truly,
2014-2015 Warrens Cranberry Festival Royalty
Queen-Olivia Engel and Princesses - Tatianna Briggs and Brielle Lueck

Here is a sneak peak of what's on our schedule:  Wisconsin Women in Agriculture Day, Warrens Community Easter Breakfast

Princess-Brielle, Queen-Olivia, Princess-Tatianna at the WSCGA Winter Meeting

Princesses-Tatianna and Brielle and Queen-Olivia visiting the booth with the drone

Princesses Tatianna and Brielle at the Westby Ski Jump with all the other visiting royalty

Princesses-Brielle and Tatianna at the Westby Ski Jump

Princesses-Tatianna and Brielle at the Westby Ski Jump
Princesses-Brielle and Tatianna and some of the world class ski jumpers at the Westby Ski Jump